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Card Authorization in Websites

Card Authorization, by default, is not turned on and will require a few steps to be turned on. The Card Authorization Feature checks the clients bank account with the amount being charged, before crediting it back later. If the account does not have enough funds to pay for your product, they will not be allowed to have access until it is paid. 

NOTE: If you have any “Trial days” attached to the plan those will also kick in as soon as the card is authorized and Funds may take up to 5 business days before being return to the clients bank account. This Feature will only work with Subscriptions and Payment plans. 

Step One:  Go to the website you would like to set this up for and find the order form step. Click on the three dots. 

Step Two:  Click on Products. If you don’t see any products here, you will need to go back and add those first. 

Step Three: Click on “Edit” icon. This opens the Product Settings. Here you will scroll to the bottom and click “Additional Options”

Step Four: Click ‘Custom Authorization’ and add your amount. Whatever the monetary amount here will be deducted from the customer’s account and credited back as a check. 

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