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How To Connect Course and Funnel Checkout Using Workflows

Follow these steps to connect your membership to your funnel checkout

Part 1: Create an offer and add the course/product to it in the membership editor area.

To access the membership editor area navigate to Funnels + Websites > Membership > Products > Offers > Create Offer. You’ll see a list of all your offers:

Check out the article “How to Build and Edit an Offer in Memberships” with a step-by-step video on creating offers.

Part 2: Choose between using a Workflow or Membership Email Default

Option 1: Toggle on the Membership Offer option in the payment product settings.

Step 1: Click on Payments > Products

Step 2: Select “View” on the product 

Step 3: Select the price, click edit, click on the advance options dropdown, toggle on membership offer and select the membership

Step 4: Save to confirm your changes.

*Note: Make sure to add/re-add the product to the funnel page with the order form.

Option 2: Create a workflow

Step 1: Navigate to Automations > Workflows and click “Create Workflow” then choose “Start from scratch”

Step 2: Add a trigger for Order Form Submission and add the filters to specify the location and type

Step 3: Add an action for Membership Grant Offer and select the offer

Step 4: Save everything and publish the workflow to ensure it isn’t in draft mode.

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