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Google Analytics 4 Setup

The existing workflow action for Google Analytics in the Incorp Media LLC system includes both Google Analytics 4 and Universal Analytics, which means that users can choose to use either platform or both to track their marketing campaigns and website traffic. This provides a more flexible and integrated approach to tracking and analyzing user behavior, which can help businesses make data-driven decisions to improve their marketing strategies and user experience.

Create or use an existing Google Analytics Workflow

In your Google Analytics Workflow, select the action ‘Add to Google Analytics.’

A new dropdown value under ‘Action Type’ has been introduced by the name ‘Google Analytics 4’; select this from the dropdown.

Get a Measurement ID from your Google Analytics Data Stream

Go to yourGoogle Analytics accountand fetch the measurement-id from Admin ➝ Account Settings ➝ Data Stream ➝ Select the Data Stream. (Please refer to Google help documentation onhow to Set up Google Analyticsif you do not have it set up.)

Copy the Measurement ID for your desired Data Stream:

Paste the Measurement ID in the Measurement ID field of your Google Analytics Action in your workflow.

Create a Google Analytics event that you want to track

You can Add the event name that you wish to track. This event name will show up under the Google Analytics dashboard along with other standard events that are set up. 

Get an API Secret Value from your Data Stream

Add the API secret by navigating to your Google Analytics account Admin ➝ Account Settings ➝ Data Stream ➝ Select the Data Stream ➝ Measurement Protocol API secrets.

Please Note:

Before an API Secret can be created you need to acknowledge that you have completed the necessary privacy discussions adn right from your end users for the collection and processing of data.

Then click on Create if no API Secret has already been created.

Name your API secret and then hit Create, and a Secret Value will be generated for it automatically.

Copy the Secret Value from here and paste it into the API Secret field in the Google Analytics action in your Workflow.

Save Action and then Save the WorkflowPublish if you are ready to use it.

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