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Customizing Your Settings in Workflows

This tutorial will show you how to customize your Workflow Settings.

  • Navigate to the Settings tab within the Workflow Builder.
  • Here you’ll see a list of customizable settings.
  • Select the account timezone or the contact timezone
  • Choose a sending window for specific time.
    • If you leave the toggle off, the workflow will occur anytime someone is added.
    • If you select Specific Times, you can customize days and times.
  • Sender Details allows you to choose a default “From” name and email.
  • Allow Re-Entry can be toggled off or on.
    • If on, the same contact can enter the same workflow multiple times.
  • Stop on Response can be toggled off or on.
    • If on, a specific response can trigger the workflow end. For example, if you’re using a lead nurture workflow and someone books an appointment, you wouldn’t want to keep sending them communications to book an appointment.
  • Mark as Read can be toggled off or on.
    • If on, conversations will show up in the ALL tab, as read, vs. being Unread.
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