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Hosted Video Element

This article goes over using the Hosted Video Element in Funnels.

Part 1: Add a video Element to your funnel:

Step 1: Navigate to Sites > Funnels

  • Click into the Funnel you want to add a video to.
  • Click on Elements in the top right, and click Add Element
  • Click on the Video Element
  • On the Left hand sidebar, Go to Video Settings Video Type > Choose Hosted Video
  • Scroll to ‘Video Type’ and choose ‘Hosted Video’.

Step 2: Add the Video

  • Click on Select Video to be taken to your Media Library. (If you do not already have the video that you need, upload it to the Media Library)
  • Once the Video loads, double click on it for it to encode.
  • NOTE: The video can be in any of the mainstream Video formats as long as it is under 4GB.
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