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How To Post as a Page on Facebook Groups

If you want to post publicly as a Facebook Page within a Facebook Group, you’ll need to start by making the Page an Admin of the Facebook Group you want to post in by linking it. In order to link a Group to your Page, you must ensure you are an Admin of the Group.  

Step One: From your Facebook Feed, click Pages in the left menu and select your Page.

  • Click “More” and then select “Groups”. (If you don’t see Groups, click More, then select “Edit Tabs” and click the toggle next to Groups. Then return to your Page, click “More” and select “Groups”.)
  • Click “Link Group”.
  • Click “Link” next to the group you want to link your Page to.
  • Click “Link” to confirm.

Step Two: Log in as your profile Admin of the group and add the Page as an Admin. 

  • NOTE: To unlink a group from your Page, click “Unlink” to the right of the group, then click Unlink Group to confirm.

Step Three: Return to Incorp Media LLC and navigate to the Social Planner and ensure the Group is integrated. When you go to post, you will see a dropdown for “Publish as”; here you can select to post as the group, or as the page you have configured.

Now you can post as a Facebook Page in a Facebook Group. 

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