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How to Use Audit Logs

This article will provide you with an overview of the Audit Logs area within Incorp Media LLC.

You are able to view the logs for various contact related activities including: calendar events, Opportunities, and Communication. This can be helpful in identifying and understanding sources of changes that are happening in Incorp Media LLC. 

 NOTE: Audit Logs are only visible to Account Admins, not Account Users.

Modules have ID’s tied to them that you can use to filter for specific locations, here is an example of how to retrieve them for contacts and calendars.

Part 1: Location

Step 1: Audit Logs

  • Navigate to Settings
  • Click on Audit Logs
  • Apply Filters

Part 2: Details

Step 1: Viewing Details

  • Click on the 3 horizontal menu dots
  • Select View Details
  • Expand additional information by clicking on any 3 horizontal dots within the menu
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