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How to Find Hidden or Broken Elements in the Email Builder

This article will teach you how to view hidden or broken elements inside an email. 

This is helpful if you know there is an element in the email but can’t edit it or when you see a broken image icon. 

Step 1: Manage Template

  • Click on the Manage Element Icon
  • Click on Section and Column dropdowns to view all elements inside
  • This will scroll to the element in the builder when you hover over the element

Step 2: Troubleshooting

  • Let’s say an image is missing because of the visibility settings
  • If you go through the Manage Template menu, you can hover over the first image in the first section and you will be able to edit as needed or delete it. 
  • Let’s say an image is missing because of the height being below 10 px
  • Edit the image and increase the height or set height and width to auto as needed. If needed delete and re-add the image after adjusting the size from an image editor.
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