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Workflow Action: Add to Affiliate Manager

In this article, we will walk through how to use the Add To Affiliate Manager workflow action. This is useful to automate adding Affiliates to the Affiliate Manager.

Step 1: Start a new workflow or edit an existing one

Step 2: Set up applicable Workflow Trigger(s). We have multiple articles available to explain the setup of each of the Workflow Triggers. Feel free to review our articles on these for more information on setting these up.

Pro Tip: You can use any Workflow Triggers to trigger the Add To Affiliate Campaign action or you could leave this workflow without any triggers.

Step 3: Setting up the Add To Affiliate Manager Action

  • Click on the “+” symbol below the trigger to add an action.
  • Under Actions, select Add To Affiliate Manager in the Affiliate  section of the Actions Menu or use the search feature
  • Press Save in the bottom right corner of the Action setup menu

Step 4: Press Save in the top right corner of your browser to save the workflow

  • If your Workflow is ready to be enabled, make sure the toggle switch under Save is set to Publish
  • Be sure to test your Workflow to make sure it is set up correctly using the Test Workflow button next to the Publish toggle switch.
    • For an in-depth overview of Workflow Testing see our article, “Using the Testing Features in Workflows”

Now your Workflow is set up and ready to go with the Action Add To Affiliate Campaign!

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