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How To Verify Your Domain With Facebook

If you need to verify your domain on Facebook, you can use the ‘Meta Tag’ verification method to do so. Follow these steps to learn how:

Step 1: Copy the Meta Tag

  • Copy the Meta Tag provided by Facebook. It should look something like this, for example: <meta name=”facebook-domain-verification” content=”abcxyz123″ />

Step 2: Find the Default Page

  • Navigate to your Settings > Domains
  • Edit the domain which you want to verify
  • Note the Default Page which is connected to this domain (if there isn’t, please be sure to connect one)

Step 3: Edit the Default Page Builder

  • Go to the funnel/website which has the default page that you selected in the previous step.
  • Open the page builder/editor for the default page
  • Click on Settings > SEO Metadata
  • In the menu that appears on the right, scroll down to the “Custom Meta Tag”’ option and click on the “+ Add” button

Step 4: Add the Meta Tag

  • Copy the name from the meta tag provided by Facebook, and paste it in the “Name” field for the tag. In this example, the name in the tag is: facebook-domain-verification 
  • Copy the content from the meta tag and paste it in the ‘Content’ field for the tag. In this example, the content in the tag is: abcxyz123 

Step 5: Save the SEO Metadata settings

  • Save the meta tag
  • Save the SEO Metadata settings by clicking on the “Yes, Save” button:
  • Save the page from the top navigation menu.

Step 6: Verify the Domain in your Facebook Account

NOTE: Only a root domain can be used to verify domains. If you have only added a subdomain to Incorp Media LLC, these steps will not work. If you have the root domain pointed to another service, you can verify the domain by adding a TXT record in your DNS manager. To change your method of verification, click the dropdown box at the top of the page and select the option titled “Update the DNS TXT record with your domain registrar”. After you select that option, follow the steps to add the TXT record to your DNS manager:


Click here to learn more from Facebook about how toVerify Your Domains in Business Manager.

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