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How to Integrate and Use Paypal

By integrating Paypal as a merchant processing application to Incorp Media LLC, you’ll be able to process payments for products and services right within Incorp Media LLC. This will help you manage your business and allow you to track transactions right within the Payments tab. Follow these steps below to learn how to integrate Paypal:

Step 1: Create and Access Your Paypal Account

  • Visit to create or log in to your Paypal account.
  • Once logged in, navigate to your Paypal Dashboard. 
  • Click My Apps & Credentials.
  • Choose the Live app option.

NOTE: Be sure you have selected the Live app option, vs. Sandbox. The Sandbox option and credentials are used to test Paypal. You will need to create a Live app and use Live credentials in order to actually process payments.

  • Click the Create App button.
  • Choose an app name.
  • Click Create App and you’ll now be able to view your Client ID and Secret ID. (The Secret ID may be hidden – you may need to click “Show” in order for it to display on the page.) Copy both the Client ID and Secret ID as you’ll need to paste them into Incorp Media LLC momentarily to complete the integration.

Step 2: Integrate Paypal to Incorp Media LLC

  • Navigate to Payments > Integrations
  • Add your Client ID and Secret ID from your Paypal account that you copied in Step 1.
  • Click Save to confirm the integration.
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