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Integrating Gmail for Email Service

Integrating Gmail as your Email Service provider is one option for sending emails to your leads. There are a few key steps to ensure proper configuration and set up.  Check them out here:

Note: Please use a VPN when trying to connect to Gmail SMTP for Users in the Philippines

Step 1: Creating your Gmail App Password

  • Navigate to
  • Click into your Google icon in the top right
  • Click Manage your Google Account to ensure you’re in the correct account, if you have multiple Google accounts logged in at once.
  • Click “Security” from the menu on the left hand side
  • Scroll down and click “App Passwords”
    • NOTE: if there is no “App Passwords” this means your two-step verification is off in Google. You will need to turn it on to enable it, and cannot use the “Allow Less Secure Apps” option.
  • Choose the correct email from the dropdown
  • Type in the password
  • Click “Next” 
  • Click “Other (Custom name)” and add a name. Type in something like SMTP/Email  integration.
  • Click “Generate”
  • Copy the highlighted text. (You will need to paste it as the password when you integrate your Gmail as the SMTP in the next step.)

Step 2: Integrating Your Gmail Account

  • Click into Incorp Media LLC account settings
  • Navigate to “Email Services”
  • Click “Add Service” in the top right corner
  • Click “Select Provider”
  • Choose Gmail from the dropdown list
  • Paste the app password from step 1 here.
  • Click “Save”

Troubleshooting Tips and Recommended Best Practices:

If you’re using Gmail as your Email/SMTP provider, please be advised that you may experience some emails being flagged as spam or not being sent out at all.

If your provider is set to “[email protected]” and in your sending configuration, if you try to use a different gmail account like “[email protected]“, Gmail will flag it as spam.

If you are going to use Gmail as your provider, use the same email address for your emails and automations so you experience deliverability issues.

Some providers have daily limits on the number of emails that can be sent. For example, current Gmail limitations allow for about 150 maximum emails daily.

Only Mailgun reports stats back to Incorp Media LLC. Other providers currently do not report some or all stats back into Incorp Media LLC.

Please use a VPN when trying to connect to Gmail for Users in the Philippines. 

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