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How to Update Bot FAQs and Train the Bot on a Website

Add FAQ Manually

Click the Robot Icon to open your FAQ widget. Click the Add Button.

Type out the Question and the Answer and click Add to save the FAQ.

Export FAQs

Click the Export button within the FAQ widget to export a csv of current FAQs.

Import FAQs

Click the Import button within the FAQ widget to import an existing csv of FAQs.

Make sure your csv includes headers. The first row should be labeled Question in the first columns and Answer in the second column.

There should be no more than 2 columns in your csv. Click Yes and select your file. Click Import to import the FAQs.

Refresh the page to view current FAQs in your FAQ widget.

Train Your Bot on a Website

Click the Scrape URL button within the FAQ widget to choose a website to train your bot on.

Paste the URL to your website. If the website has an FAQ page, use that URL. If not, use the URL of the landing page. Select Add to add new FAQs to any previously scraped FAQs. Select Replace to replace any previously scraped FAQs.

Click Submit. Refresh the page after 2-5 minutes to view generated FAQs.

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