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How to Get Notified When a Lead Opens an Email

Here is a recipe for how to notify yourself when a contact opens an email.

Step 1: Create a workflow and start from scratch by navigating to Automations > Workflows then clicking on the “+ Create a new Workflow” Button and select Start from scratch.

Step 2: Name the Workflow and then add the Email Events Trigger

Step 3: Add a filter

Step 4: Select the Event Field and Opened from the dropdown and save

Step 5: Add an action by clicking on the “+” symbol

Step 6: Select the Send Internal Notification Act

Step 7: Select the type of notification from the dropdown in this example we will be using the email type

Step 8: Fill out the Action as desired. In this example, we select the Particular User Type to send to, using custom values from the Right Now and Contact categories. Save the Action

Step 9: Publish and save the workflow

Step 10: Test the workflow

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