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Workflow Trigger: User Login (Membership Login)

Workflows can be created for a multitude of triggering actions, with any series of follow-up actions/events you wish to customize for your business. The versatility allows you to customize the triggers and actions for your needs completely. For example, you may want to create a workflow to be notified when a contact logs in to the Membership area of Incorp Media LLC. This can help you track membership activity.

Follow these steps to create this type of Workflow:

Step 1: Create the Workflow Trigger

  • In the Workflow builder, add a trigger for “User Login”.
    • NOTE: “User” here means a membership user or a contact who has signed up for your membership. This is not a “User” of Incorp Media LLC as in another team member in your workplace.
  • Save your changes.

Step 2: Customize the Actions Based on the Trigger

You have many options to customize the actions, from if/else conditions, to sending an email or SMS, assigning a tag, and sending internal notifications.  Customize the action(s) as you wish that makes sense for your business!

  • Add an Internal Notification action for the user assigned to the contact, such as this example:
  • Make sure to save your changes, and publish the Workflow before using it.
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