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Integrating with Google and Google Calendars

Integrating with Google allows you to sync your calendar to your Google Calendar and collecting reports related to Google Ads. There are two options to sync Google Calendars in Incorp Media LLC.

Step 1: Go to Settings > Integrations

Step 2: Click “Connect” Under the Google Icon

Step 3: Select the account you wish to connect

Step 4: Enter your password (if prompted).

Step 5: Agree to the Terms & Conditions by click Allow

Step 6: Click Close.

You can now sync your unassigned Calendar to the integrated Google Account within Calendar Settings and within the Profile for group calendars. You can add analytics and Ad Word information for tracking & attribution purposes at this time if needed by choosing it form the dropdown. To set up your Gmail SMTP, check out our article “Integrating Gmail for Email Services

Option 1: Unassigned Calendar synchronization

Navigate to Settings > Calendars to create or edit and existing calendar

When creating if you do not see this option right away click on advanced settings and go to Connections.

Note: This method for syncing is only available for simple/undassigned/event calendars. For other options see option 2 in this article

When you are on the first page to edit for a simple/unassigned/event calendar, the step is called “Meeting Details”, you will see “Link to Calendar” dropdown. Select a calendar and choose the options for sync based on the explanations below these example screenshots.

One way:

All events from the Google calendar will be shown as grey. It will not add whoever is invited in the Google event to the system as a contact. But will still sync the Appointments from the Google calendar and block the timeslot pulled from Google into the system.

Two way:

All events from google calendar will be colored and will talk to each other. The system will find who is invited in the Google event, create a contact record for them, and fire off any triggers associated with the calendar.


When an event is created in Google calendar but the contacts associated with the event were not found to be already existing in the system as contacts, the system will not add them as contacts but will block the time off in your calendar (event color will be gray).

Alternatively, when an event is created in Google calendar and the contacts associated with the event were found as existing contacts in the system, it will color code the event and fire off any triggers associated with the calendar.

Disable Trigger:

All Google Calendar event contacts will be pulled into the system as new contacts, but no triggers associated with the calendar will fire.

Option 2: Group Calendar synchronization

You would select the Primary Calendar option so that all events from google calendar will be colored and the appointments will sync both ways. 

*Note: The most common use would be to select the calendar as primary only without additional selections.

If you don’t want us to create a contact, choose “Select Default Calendar” and click save.

If you select a calendar as the default calendar for contact creation, the ‘Allow Trigger’ option would show up. Use this only if you want the Appointment Triggers to fire for the contact created. This will add the lead to any appointment reminder campaigns you have already setup or need to create. Here are screenshots of what these menu’s look like:

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