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How to Use the Dialer Feature for One-Time Outbound Calls

Using Incorp Media LLC as a “softphone” for outbound calls is an excellent way to communicate with leads for one-time calls or for calling through lists. This article will cover calling specific contacts for one-time calls. Please see other articles related to calling through a list of leads/customers.

Step 1: Making a Call from the Contacts Page

  • Click on the green call button in the top right.  The icon looks like this:
  • Choose the phone number you want to call from (limited to the numbers you have set up in settings) and then type in the phone number you want to call. Click Call. 

NOTE: You need to have your speaker on with your microphone so you can hear them and able to communicate once they pick up. Furthermore, if your call recording option is on mode, you can listen and track the call in the Conversations section for each lead/customer.

Step 2: One-Time Calls from Contact View

  • Within contacts, search for the contact you wish to call. Click on the contact and click the green call button above the middle conversation section. 

Step 3: One-Time Calls from the Conversations Section

You can make calls from the conversations section by clicking on the lead that you wish to call and hitting the call button under their name in the right-hand section. 

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