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How To Walk Through or Push Campaign Steps

Perhaps you want to speed up the campaign process and bypass time delays for a contact. Or, you may want to test campaign steps instantly for yourself, without waiting for the scheduled time delays. You can “push” or “walk” through the campaign, manually activating the campaign steps and bypassing scheduled delays. This will save you time and allow you to quickly “walk” yourself or a contact through a campaign. Step 1: “Push” a contact record through the campaign steps. Navigate to the Campaign page. In your list of Campaigns, click on the “Total” number. Find the contact you wish you “walk” or “push” through, and on the right side there should be several small icons. One is a gray person walking. Click that one to manually “push” yourself through the steps, bypassing the normal schedule of the campaign. The second icon, a circle with an arrow, will retry to send the contact through a failed step. The third icon, X, will cancel that step for the customer. The trash can icon deletes the customer from the campaign. Step 2: Create a Test Contact for yourself to push campaign steps as a practice/trial run. You may want to do this step if you are testing a new or updated campaign, but don’t want to wait for any time delays. Create a contact record for yourself. Add yourself to the campaign you wish to test. Navigate back to the Campaign page in the menu on the left side of the screen. In your list of Campaigns, click on the “Total” number. Find the test contact you created for yourself. Click the walking person icon to “push” or “walk” through the steps.

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