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Gmail 2-Way Email Sync

Users can connect their personal Gmail email accounts and sync outgoing & incoming emails between the Incorp Media LLC system and their personal Gmail accounts. Users can use their email accounts to send, receive & track emails.

The sync will be established between both platforms when an email thread is initiated from the Incorp Media LLC system (first outbound message). All the subsequent emails in the thread will sync between both platforms.

Steps to connect

Please go to the sub-accounts Settings page. Go to the Profile tab and then the General tab and scroll down to the section Email (2-way sync) 

Over there, please select Gmail two sync and hit Connect.

It will then prompt you to choose one of the available Gmail Accounts in that browser or ask you to connect a Gmail account; select the one you need; connecting a new account will require you to enter that account’s credentials in the popup that shows up.

Connecting it will then ask you about which permissions you are allowing LeadConnector to have on your Gmail account; make sure to allow all and then hit enable continue:

Once you hit, Continue, you will see your desired Gmail account connected in the Email Two Way sync tab:

How does the 2-way sync work between Incorp Media LLC and your email account?

You would need to send an email to a contact from the CRM to initiate the sync between both platforms.

Please note: 

The first outbound email needs to be initiated from the CRM to establish the sync.

Auto BCC Sync:

Navigate to Settings > My Profile and copy the value in the field and add this to your CC or BCC field when sending an email from Gmail/Outlook to automatically add this conversation and contact to Incorp Media LLC CRM

Now you sync their inbound emails from any existing contact directly when 2-way sync is connected.

You can also create a contact and add the conversation seamlessly when sending an email from Gmail.

Outgoing emails sent will be reflected in the users’ Gmail sent folder, and vice versa maintaining a complete record of the correspondence.

Existing Contacts:

  • Incoming emails to users’ Gmail accounts from any existing contact (who is assigned to the user) will be automatically imported

New Contacts:

  • Users can now import new contacts while sending a mail from Gmail using the ‘Auto BCC Sync’ option
  • ‘Auto BCC Sync’ is available for users under their account/settings/my profile section. It is unique to each user’s email and location.
  • Users can add this ‘Auto BCC Sync’ option to the cc or bcc field while sending an email from Gmail to create a new contact and add the conversation


  • Users can set up the Two-Way Sync with Gmail in a very simple process through settings / MyProfile


  • Currently, only the primary email of a contact is used to sync emails. Inbound Emails sent from Contact’s additional/secondary email to users will reflect. But Outbound emails sent from the User to the contact’s additional/secondary email won’t be synced
  • In case there are multiple contact recipients while sending an email from the user’s Gmail, the conversation will be populated only for the first contact.
  • In case an account allows duplicate contacts, the conversation will be populated on the first created contact.

Screenshot Walkthrough of Functionality:

The sent email will show up in the sent inbox of the integrated Gmail account:

All subsequent messages in the email thread (initiated from the CRM) will be in sync. Outbound emails from your email will reflect in the CRM and vice versa. 

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