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Pop-up Forms

This Article goes over the Pop-up forms feature. Various valuable elements are available for triggering, activating, and deactivating pop-up forms. This feature also includes other types of embeds, follow along to learn more!

Step 1: Feature Location

  • Navigate to Sites > Forms > Builder and create a form as desired
  • View the new features by clicking on Integrate Form

Step 2: Integrate Form

  • Select one of the 4 types of forms
  • Choose the trigger type
  • Utilize the activation and deactivation options to your preferences
  • Copy the form link for the inline version or retrieve the embed code to make use of other layouts and click done.

Embed Layout Overview

  • Sticky sidebar: Will appear on the side of the screen and can be minimized to a tab that sticks to the side of your choice
  • Polite slide-in: Appears on the bottom side of the screen and disappears once closed and can also be minimized to a tab
  • Popup: A pop-up shows form as an overlay inside a lightbox. It cannot be minimized but closed.
  • Inline: Appears along with the page’s content as a native element. It does not overlay and cannot be closed or minimized.

Trigger Types and Activation/Deactivation Options

  • Triggers will determine what causes the form to appear you can choose for it to show when you scroll through a certain percentage of the page, display the form after a timeframe, and you can have it show all the time
  • Activation will determine how you bring the form back after closing by choosing a certain amount of visits to the page or all the time
  • Deactivation settings will allow you to select how many times the forms display. You can choose if it deactivates when a lead fills out the form, or you could make it so that it never goes away

Note: Show on scrolling will only show once when scrolling on the page, and must be refreshed to show again.

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