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How to Change the Currency Type

You may wish to update the currency in Incorp Media LLC, to charge for products based on a specific currency type. The currency is set by default under your company’s Business Info. For example, if you are located in the United States, the default currency will be USD. If you wish to charge for products in Canadian dollars, you will need to change your Business Info country to Canada, create your product, and then you can set your location country back to the US.

To change your country, follow these simple steps:

  • Navigate to Settings > Business Info > Company Address.
  • Here you’ll see your “Country” and you may select another option from the dropdown if you wish to make changes.
  • Click “Update Address” to save any changes.
  • Finally, log out of Incorp Media LLC after you have changed the country and timezone, and log back in again so that the currency change can take effect.

Pro Tips:

  • Incorp Media LLC will keep the currency a product was created using, even if you swap your company’s country.
  • You can only charge a lead with one currency. This means once a customer cannot purchase products in USD and CAD. (If they attempt to do so, they will receive an error message.)
  • Create multiple products, one with each currency, and name them accordingly so you can stay organized. For example, PRODUCT A-USD, Product A-CAD, Product B-USD, Product B-CAD, etc.
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