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Marking Calls as Completed

In this Article you will learn how to create a Call Completed Trigger to ‘Mark Calls’ to your leads as completed when answered. This process will ensure that you can set-up Incorp Media LLC to mark calls correctly that go to voicemail, instead of marking them as completed. Please follow along to learn how to accomplish this!

Part 1: 

Step One: Phone Numbers

  • Navigate to settings
  • Click on Phone Numbers
  • Go to your desired phone line and set the ‘Call timeout’ to 20 Seconds. This will take out most instances of a ‘voicemail box’  being processed as an ‘answered call’.

Note: The Call Connect feature is helpful to improve accuracy in call reporting. When Call Connect is toggled on, the receiver must press a key to connect the call. This also will rule out any ‘Voicemail box’ being picked up as an answered call. If you choose to turn this on, make sure to change your whisper message to include direct to the receiver to click a key.

Step Two: Workflow

  • Navigate to the Automations tab > Workflows
  • Create a New, Blank Workflow
    • Create a name for the workflow. (Example: Call Status: Completed)
    • Add a “Call Status” trigger and add a filter for the call status desired.
    • Make use of an “Add Tag” action and mark the contact with the tag that represents each call status of your choice. (Example: completed)
    • Publish the workflow and save it.
    • Repeat this process for every call status you are wanting to mark leads for, or, make use of the “If/Else” action to create branches based on workflow triggers, and add multiple triggers for each status instead.
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