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Customize Email and SMS Notifications for Invoicing

The ability to customize email and SMS notifications used in invoicing is now live under Invoice Settings. This allows you to use your own templates for invoicing and not rely on the system-generated defaults

  • To view, the notification settings navigate to Payments > Invoices and click on the settings gear
  • Email and SMS notifications can be customized for the customer receiving the invoice under the Customer Notifications section
  • Click on the dropdowns to select a template
  • Email notifications can be customized for the account user who is sending the invoice under the Team Notifications section as well
  • Turn the toggle off to exclude any specific notification from being sent
  • Use the Invoice custom values in the Email and SMS builder to include details in notifications like customer information, invoice total, due date, invoice URL, etc.
  • Refer to the table below for the details on different types of notifications sent to the customer and the account user
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