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How To Add A Contact To Multiple Opportunities

You may want to add a contact to multiple opportunities. Follow these steps to learn how to allow duplicate opportunities. After that is done, there are two ways to add them: you can add an opportunity in the individual contact’s profile, or use the Opportunity Workflow Action.

Step 1: How to Allow Duplicate Opportunities in Settings

  • Under Settings > Business Profile, navigate to “General”
  • Check the box for “Allow Duplicate Opportunity.”

Step 2: How To Allow Duplicate Opportunities Using the Opportunity Workflow Action

  • Click into the workflow.
  • Toggle on the opportunity workflow action which allows the lead to be in multiple opportunities.
  • Click Save to confirm your changes.
  • NOTE: This will only put them into a duplicate opportunity if it is in a different pipeline that they were not previously a part of. 

Step 3: How to Add Opportunities in the Contact profile.

  • Click into the contact profile.
  • Scroll down to the left side where you see “Opportunities”. Here, you can place them in however many you’d like. 
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