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The Three Different Searches in Lead Finder

This Article covers the 3 types of Lead Generation campaigns and what each of them are used for. 

Industry based:

  • This search allows you to type in a specific industry, business type, or vertical niche.
  • You can type in business type and location
  • You can click on this map and zoom in and out. The best results come from the “suburb level”
  • This search will give you all the contact information you need for these businesses

People Based Search

  • The People search will look through linkedin, and filter based on a particular role, or keywords people are putting on their profile
  • Enter the Role, and Location.
  • You can click on the person and be brought to their Linkedin.

Single Search

  • The Single search is used for people working at a specific company.
  • Simply, type in the name of a company and the contacts of employees in that company, will show up.
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