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Workflow Tigger: Email Events

In this article you will find out how to create a workflow trigger: Email Events and the scenarios on why it would be used

Please Note: This trigger only works for Mailgun

  1. Click the “Add New Workflow Trigger” button
  • This will pull up a selection tab on the right of your screen
  1. Scroll down until you see the “Events” column
  • Click on the “Email Events” button
  • This will be triggered based on what happens within a particular email
  1. Select the blue “Add filters” button
  1. Next under the Standard Fields drop-down select the “Event” option
  1. Select the filter type that applies
  • Bounced: an automatic trigger by an email bouncing
  • Clicked: someone clicked on an email
  • Complained: someone marked it as spam (good for filtering over the list that way you do not get marked for spamming too many times because the account can get flagged)
  • Opened: can trigger based on someone opening an email
  • Unsubrcided: someone unsubscribing to an email
  1. Example: let’s trigger the automation as if someone “Opened” an email
  1. Click the blue “Add filters” button
  • You will have to specify which email; in this case only works if this email is in another Workflow
  1. Once completed this will pop up a drop-down option. Click the dropdown “˅” button
  1. In the Standard Feilds option select “In workflow
  • Now click the expand button;
    • This will give you the ability to choose any of the workflows previously created
  • In This Example: We will select the “Meet with Billy Calendar” 
    • Letting you know someone opened the email that is in the “Meet with Billy Calendar” 
    • You have now set up this trigger that will let you know the email has been opened
  1. Please make sure you click the green “Save Trigger” button before closing out of the trigger
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