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Workflow Action: Send SMS

In this article, you will learn how to send clients SMS messages as well as different add-on actions that can be implemented.

  1. Select the “Add your first Action” button
    • On the right side, a list of options will appear. Under External Communications Select “Send SMS
  • For Example: Sending an SMS to confirm the client has booked an appointment (Type a custom message that you want the clients to receive or choose from a template)
    • Seen Below
  • Add attachments if desired or URLs for a file by scrolling down
  • Select the “Save Action” button to continue moving forward
  1. Adding a Wait
    • This is a time delay, meaning how long you want to wait before the next step starts (goes in between steps to work)
  • But since it’s an appointment workflow, we typically will change the time delay option to “Event / Appointment Time
    • This will look at the booked appointment time and create a waiting period concerning it.
  • For appointment schedules to workflows, we use this type of wait step. Now you can select, before the appointment or after the appointment.
    • You can choose any of the custom amounts of months, days, hours, and minutes (Seen Below)
  • In this example: We selected 3 days – Make sure you fill out the type/amount you’re waiting for in the “Action Name” option
    • This helps keep the workflow organized and easy to understand
  • Select “Save Action
  • You now have created a wait step that will take place before the next step!
  • For example: If you wanted to send the client another reminder after the “Wait” – in this case (3 days) – Repeat the #1 steps listed at the top of the document
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