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Using a Video Element in the Funnel Builder

Adding media to your funnels is a great way of attracting customers to stay and explore your page. Read on to learn how to seamlessly incorporate videos within your funnels to create memorable buyer experiences. 

Within the Funnel Builder, once you’ve added a video, you’ll see “Video Settings” on the left side of the screen. There are 2 tabs — General and Advanced. Toggle between the sections of settings to customize the video as you wish.

Part 1: Settings

Step 1: General Video Settings

  • Similar to an Image Element, the Video Element has settings to add or reduce padding and margins. Adding padding to the Video Element can change the dimensions of the Video in the funnel itself.
  • In order to have a proper functioning video in the Video Element, you will need to choose the correct Video Type (Vimeo, Youtube, Wisitia) and then enter the correct video URL. When these fields are filled out correctly, the video will populate immediately in the Video Element. Custom Embed, HTML 5, and Hosted Video are additional available options. 

NOTE: You can play the following video qualities, based on the uploaded format: 480P, 720P, 1080P, and Auto.

  • It is important to decide the settings you would like to use for the Video Element. There are options within the settings for Autoplay and Controls depending on Video Type. Depending on the funnel, you’ll want to try out different Video Element functions.

NOTE: When using a Hosted Video, you have options to enable/disable user controls, like allowing Play/Pause, allowing Playback Speed Control (0.5x, 0.75x, 1x, 2x), and showing Pending Time, Full Screen Toggle, and Progress Bar. You can also disable seeking.

  • If you would like a fixed size for the Video Element, the Width setting can be adjusted to three different sizes (this does not apply to Hosted Videos or Custom Embeds)

Step 2: Advanced Video Settings

  • In the Advanced section, you can customize the border and width.
  • You can also customize the mobile and desktop displays.
  • The CSS selector is also in this section.

Part 2: (If using Hosted Video) Track your video’s success 

Step 1: Use correct Video Settings under the General tab

  • Disable ‘Show Progress Bar’
  • Enable ‘Redirect Unregistered Visitors’ to allow cookie usage, which is how Incorp Media LLC tracks a lead’s video progress. 

NOTE: Don’t forget to specify where you’d like Unregistered Visitors to go — like to your contact info page. 

Step 2: Create a Workflow 

  • Set the Workflow Trigger as Video Tracking.

NOTE: Video Tracking only works on leads who already exist as contacts in Incorp Media LLC.

  • Add the filter ‘Video’ and select ‘is any of’ as the operator.
  • Attach the right video (the selection is based on what’s available in your Media Library).
  • Add the filter ‘Video duration (%)’ and select the operator that matches the viewership you want to track (Equals to, Greater than, Less than, etc.)
  • Type in the percentage 
  • Save Trigger

Step 3: Add desired Action

The Video Tracking trigger is useful as a metric tool to track your content’s success, but it also serves as a handy nurture tool. You can send a nurture email to people who only watched a certain percentage of the video to encourage action. 

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