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Workflow Trigger: Category Completed

The Membership Category Completed trigger will activate a Workflow when a contact begins or interacts with a specific category in a membership. In this article, we will go over how to use this trigger to track specific membership products and send additional resources once a category has been completed.

Step 1: Creating and Editing the Trigger

  • Navigate to Workflows
  • Create a new Workflow or click into an existing one
  • Click “Add New Workflow Trigger”
  • Name your Workflow Trigger
  • Select “Category Completed” under the Membership triggers section of the dropdown.
  • Add the trigger with filters for the product and category and save

NOTE: If you don’t select filters, this will run for any category completed. If you filter more specifically, you can choose to have the Workflow run when a specific product’s course and category are completed.

Please Note: Custom values are available for customization of emails. If/Else fields are also available for filtering when using multiple lessons. (See Screenshots Below)

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