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Phone Messaging Policy

We all expect that the messages we want to receive will reach us, unhindered by filtering or other blockers. An important step that our customers can take to make that expectation a reality is to prevent and eliminate unwanted messages.

Make sure that the messages sent through Incorp Media LLC are to consenting parties and follow applicable laws, industry standards, and guidelines. We also want to be mindful of measures of fairness and decency when in doubt.

Phone Messaging Policy

The phone policy was implemented to:

  • Avoid SMS Spam blasts from fake signups.
  • Avoid getting accounts blocked due to suspicious activity
  • Avoid legal actions due to increased spamming to non-consenting customers. Only bulk SMS sending will have daily limitations to avoid account suspension due to non-compliant messaging activity.

All messaging transmitted via the platform – regardless of the use case or phone number type (e.g., long code, or toll-free) – needs to comply with the Application-to-Person (A2P) messaging. All A2P messages originating from the system are subject to this Messaging Policy, which covers messaging rules and /or prohibitions regarding:

  • Consent (“opt-in”): Consent can’t be bought, sold, or exchanged. For example, you can’t obtain the consent of message recipients by purchasing a phone list from another party. And SMS should only be sent to the opted-in contacts.
  • Revocation of Consent (“opt-out”): The initial message that you send to an individual needs to include the following language: “Reply STOP to unsubscribe,” or the equivalent so that Individuals have the ability to revoke consent at any time by replying with a standard opt-out keyword.
  • Sender Identification: Every initial message you send must clearly identify you (the party that obtained the opt-in from the recipient) as the sender, except in follow-up messages of an ongoing conversation.
  • Messaging Usage: You should not be sending messages in any way related to alcohol, firearms, gambling, tobacco, or other adult content.
  • Filtering Evasion: As noted above, we do not allow content that has been specifically designed to evade detection by unwanted messaging detection and prevention mechanisms. This includes intentionally misspelled words or non-standard opt-out phrases which have been specifically created with the intent to evade these mechanisms. We do not permit snowshoeing, which is defined as spreading similar or identical messages across many phone numbers with the intent or effect of evading unwanted messaging detection and prevention mechanisms.

This policy applies to all customers who use messaging services to safeguard their messaging capabilities and services.


When we identify a violation of these principles, where possible, we will work with customers in good faith to get them back into compliance with the messaging policy. However, to protect the continued ability of all our customers to freely use messaging for legitimate purposes, we reserve the right to suspend or remove access to the platform for customers or customers’ end users’ that we determine are not complying with the Messaging Policy, or who are not following the law in any applicable area or applicable communications industry guidelines or standards, in some instances with limited notice in the case of serious violations of this policy.

Every new account (from April 20, 2022) that are on the Phone System going forward will follow the “Ramp Up Model”.

The SMS limit is multiplied each day by the number of days (till the 7th day) the location has spent with us. Starting the 8th day the account will have the limit set to 5000 SMS/day. Below is the table which will give you a detailed idea:

DayLimit [SMS]
8th Day & Ongoing5000

Please Note: The daily counter resets every day at midnight 00:00:01 AM UTC. If the limit is reached before the rest time the account is locked for the rest of the time period.

Error Screens and Notifications

  • Conversation Error: You have exceeded your SMS sending limit.
  • Bulk Action: You are allowed to send 5000 message(s) in a day. You have already sent 5000 message(s). If you wish to proceed, 1 Message(s) will be failed.

Spam Message Handling

Each of the messages sent out from the account ends up with the following 4 statuses:

  • Sent: The messages whose response we did not receive from the carrier, can be in any of the three statuses below.
  • Delivered: The messages which were successfully delivered and sent to the contact.
  • Failed: The messages which were canceled or were not sent to the carrier to forward to the contact.
  • Undelivered: The message sent was suspicious or did not fulfill the messaging policy.

As part of this feature, we will only consider Undelivered messages. All the undelivered messages end up with a particular error code and we will start storing them at each of the message levels. We will further use them to start enabling Temporary/Permanent DND at a contact level so that new SMSs are not sent to them increasing your deliverability rate. 

The below table summarizes the undelivered SMS error codes and what each of them means and the relevant remediation measure we are taking:

Response CodeCode DescriptionRemediation
30005User Inactive/Number does not existEnable Temporary DND
30003Unreachable- Out of ServiceEnable Temporary DND
30004Do not want SMS/DND enabledEnable Permanent DND
30006Landline/Incapable to receive SMSEnable Temporary DND
30008None of the above scenarios matchedDo nothing

Temporary DND: The DND set at a contact level can be revoked by the account admin.

Permanent DND: The DND set at the contact level cannot be revoked by the account admin as the contact is incapable to receive the message or had opted out from receiving messages.

Opt-Out Keyword: Individuals must have the ability to revoke consent at any time by replying with a standard opt-out keyword like STOP, Unsubscribe, etc. In this case, also a permanent DND will be enabled at the contact level.


  • This will restrict the account from sending SMS to non-relevant contacts, eventually increasing the deliverability rate and decreasing the possibility of getting blocked.
  • The account will only send out messages to the contacts who have opted in.

Spam messaging error screens

  • Conversation: Cannot send messages as DND is active for SMS.
  • Bulk Action: All SMS sent via features like workflow, and bulk SMS will automatically skip the DND-marked contacts from the sender list.

Revoke DND for a Contact

For Temporary DND, go to the contact details and remove the DND flag, below is the screenshot of the sample screen:

For Permanent DND, you cannot revoke the same from UI. To revoke the permanent DND, request the contact to send a reply with the “START”, “YES”, and “UNSTOP” keywords to the number. This should automatically remove the DND from the contract.

Note: If the START keyword does not revoke the DND and still incoming/outgoing messages are failing, please raise a support ticket.

Opt-Out Language addition

  • The consent for sending out communications cannot be bought and the only way is to take explicit consent from the user for the SMS campaigns and communications.
  • The consent is taken by the account holder, in our case accounts that are the actual sender of these communications.
  • To comply with the messaging policies each of the initial messages sent out by the company to an end-user should have below two mandatory information, ie, Sender ID and opt-out Language:
  • Opt-Out Language: The end user should have the capability to remove the consent at any time, so similar to above each initial message should also have opt-out keywords like STOP, UNSUBSCRIBE, etc. We will additionally add the opt-out language: “Reply STOP to unsubscribe”.

Please Note: The “Opt out message” feature is applicable to Bulk action(Bulk SMS), and Not applicable to Workflows, campaigns, or One on One conversations.

If individuals reply with a standard opt-out keyword like STOP, the consent to send SMS will be revoked. All upcoming and queued messages will fail. Also, a permanent DND will be enabled at the contact level.

Please Note: This is mandatory info that should be shared with the end customer so this is a mandatory check for all the initial messages.

Sample Opt-Out Language message screen:

Customizing the Opt-Out Language Message

Go to Settings -> Business Info -> General, where you can customize the opt-out message, below is a screenshot for reference:

Note: In case the message already has one of the opt-out keywords mentioned in the above screenshot, no opt-out keyword will be added from our side.

Sender Information addition

  • To comply with the messaging policies each of the initial messages sent out by the company to an end-user should have below two mandatory information, ie, Sender ID and opt-out Language:
  • SenderID: Every message you send must clearly identify you (the party that obtained the opt-in from the recipient) as the sender, except in follow-up messages of an ongoing conversation. We will additionally add the sender info: “Thanks, <Location Name>”.

Error and Opt-out Rate Monitoring

  • We are focused on helping our customers deliver trusted communications. To make sure that the carrier does not block or suspend the account permanently based on bad usage.
  • We will be monitoring the delivery rate of the overall account and be taking proactive measures(as mentioned below) to keep the delivery rate in check:
    • Violation Email – We will send out an email notification as soon as the account hits the error rate of 8% and opt-out rate of 1%.
    • Temporary Account Restriction – We will send out a suspension email as the account hits the error rate of 12.5% and opt-out rate of 2.5%.

Please Note: As soon as the account will hit the temporary suspension all upcoming outbound SMS will be failed till 00:00 AM UTC.

What should we do when we get a violation email?

  • Stop all your workflows, campaigns, triggers, and/or bulk actions to contacts who have not explicitly opted in to receive messages from the account.
  • Enable and customize the Opt Out language and SenderID message as per your use case so that all the upcoming messages are not flagged.
  • Please do not make bulk communication or implement message blasts. Make sure no cold prospecting message campaigns are sent in the near future until resolved.

What are error and opt-out rates and good to have a threshold?

  • High Opt-Out Rate indicates that contacts receiving your messages have objected, generated complaints, or marked your SMS as spam. A good opt-out rate is typically in the range of 0—1%. Once the opt-out rate hits 2%, the account will be locked for sending text messages for 24 hours.
  • High Delivery Error Rate indicates that you are sending SMS to contacts that are no longer in service, are unreachable, or use a non-SMS-capable device such as a landline. This may also mean that external carrier filters are refusing to deliver your SMS due to bad sending behavior in the past. A good error rate is typically in the range of 0—6%. Once the error rate hits 12%, the account will be locked for sending text messages for 24 hours.

Please Note: The account suspension will be lifted in 24 hours. However, if the account can be permanently suspended.

Please Note: One on One conversation, Test SMS, Resend Message, and MissedCallTextBack are allowed even if the account is suspended.

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