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How To Use Trigger Links in SMS

In this article you will learn how to use trigger links in the SMS. 

Option 1: Through a Conversation

  • Go to the Conversations tab
  • Search for your lead you want to write to
  • Click on the SMS tab to send an SMS
  • Click on the + sign to see the list of trigger links
  • Click on Trigger Links and select the one you want you need
  • Once you send the message, the trigger link custom value will be replaced by a link

Note: Trigger links can not be short links

Option 2: Through a Workflow

  • Edit your workflow and add an SMS action
  • In there, click on the Trigger link tab and select the trigger link you want to use
  • Save once everything is ready

Option 3: Through an SMS Template

  • Go to Marketing 
  • Click on Templates
  • Click on Add Text Template
  • Click on the Trigger link tab and use the one you need to
  • Save when everything is ready
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