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Order Confirmation Element in the Site Builder

In this article, you will learn more about Order Confirmation element and how to use it. 

Things you will need: 

  • A funnel or website page
  • A funnel step with the products added and the order form element

Step 1: Adding your Order Form Element

  • Go to your page editor and add the element “Order Confirmation” 

Step 2: Customizing the Order Form Element

  • Click on the element and on the left side you will see the menu show up
  • Click on the Advanced settings and you will be able to edit the text of the fields, hide the Order Title, Total and the Shipping Details

Note: By default on the editor you will see that the name of the product is Dynamic Item and that the price is $99. This is only visible while you are on the editor, however, after buying the product in the order form and being taken to this page with the order confirmation element, you will see the name of your product and the correct price of your product. 

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