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Why isn’t the Bot Responding?

Check Tags

If the alert user tag is present, the AI will not respond. Remove the tag from the contact to turn the bot back on.

If the stop bot tag is present, the bot status has been turned off. In the booking bot section of the contact details, set the Bot Status to Bot and save.

Check Custom Fields

In the booking bot section of the contact details, check to make sure that the Bot Status is set to Bot. Also, make sure the Prompt field, the Calendar ID field, and the Intro Message field are all populated.  If any of these 3 fields are left blank, the corresponding custom value needs to be updated.

Check Calendar Availability

Navigate to your calendar booking page and make sure that there are available times on the calendar.  If there are no slots available, the booking bot will fail.  Update your calendar settings or calendar integration to have availability.

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