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Workflow Trigger: Appointment Status

One very common Workflow Trigger you may want to use is the Appointment Status Workflow Trigger. This will trigger any time an appointment status is assigned. This can have a wide range of use cases. In this article, we will simply overview how to set up this trigger.

The following steps will outline how to set up an Appointment Status Workflow Trigger

Step 1: Start a new workflow or edit an existing one

Step 2: Creating and Editing the Trigger

  • Click “Add New Workflow Trigger”
  • Select Appointment Status in the Appointments section of the Workflow Triggers Menu or use the search feature
  • In the Appointment Status trigger setup menu, you can change the name of the trigger if you wish
    • Note that this change will only affect the display name of the trigger within the workflow builder and has no impact on the function of the trigger
  • Under Filters, specify which appointments and appointment statuses should trigger this workflow
    • You must select the Event Type to which the trigger will apply to
  • Any will trigger this workflow for any appointment type
  • Normal will trigger this workflow only for non-recurring appointments
  • Recurring will trigger this workflow only for recurring appointments
  • Additional Triggers can further specify which appointment statuses will trigger this workflow
  • Appointment status is allows you to select which status will trigger this workflow

Please Note: If you don’t select a status it will trigger from any status

  • Has Tag allows you to only apply this Workflow Trigger to contacts that have a particular tag that you have assigned them
  • In calendar allows you to only apply this trigger to appointments within a particular calendar
  • Modified By only allows an Appointment Status to trigger this workflow if it was modified by either the APIUser, or the Customer
  • You can also filter by Custom Fields that you set up elsewhere
  • Press Save Trigger in the bottom right corner of the Trigger setup menu

Step 3: Set up applicable Workflow Action(s). We have multiple articles available to explain the setup of each of the Workflow Actions. Feel free to review our articles for more information on setting these up.

Pro Tip: You can use any Workflow Actions to be triggered by the Appointment Status trigger or you can leave this workflow without any actions.

Step 4: Press Save in the top right corner of your browser to save the workflow

  • If your Workflow is ready to be enabled, make sure the toggle switch under Save is set to Publish
  • Be sure to test your Workflow to ensure it is set up correctly using the Test Workflow button next to the Publish toggle switch.
    • For an in-depth overview of Workflow Testing see our article, “Using the Testing Features in Workflows”

Now your Workflow is set up and ready to go with the Appointment Status Trigger

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