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Workflow Trigger: Shopify Order Placed

In this article you will learn the workflow trigger Shopify order placed; this will run anytime someone places an order in your Shopify store

  1. Select the “Add New Workflow Trigger” button
  • This will pull up a list of selections of triggers on the right-hand side of the screen
  1. Select the “Order Placed” option 
  • In the email builder, there are templates made out that will automatically fill in the customer’s product information and total cost spent
  • You can edit/build the template as well as build out the workflow so that anytime an order is placed that email will be sent out
  • For Example: you can create the template as a receipt; so when the customer purchases they receive order confirmation, total price, item purchased, etc
  1. Please make sure you click the green “Save Trigger” button before closing out of the trigger (see below)
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