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How to Utilize the Calendar

Utilizing the calendar to access a visual display of your appointments and blocked off time is important. This guide will walk you through how to accomplish these actions, help make sense of the display, and goes over the concept of filtering calendar views.

Step 1: Using the Calendar

 Access Your Calendars

  • From your Dashboard menu, you can directly access your calendar(s) for a visual of your appointments and blocked off time.

Filter The Display

  • If you have more than one calendar, you can switch between them using the dropdown menu for “My Calendar”
  • Under “All” you can filter your calendar to show appointments, blocked time, or both.
  • Under “Weekly” you can adjust the display between a monthly, weekly, or daily calendar view.
  • By clicking on the “?” icon, you can view the Event Guide, or legend, to understand the various color codes for different types of appointments/events in your calendars.

 Adding Appointments to Your Calendars

  • Click into the date/time you wish to schedule the appointment for. Or, click the “Book Appointment” button at the top of the page.
  • In the popup window, you’ll see two options. Choose “Book an Appointment”.
  • Select the Contact you wish to create the appointment for.
  • Fill out the appointment details and click “Save Appointment” to add the appointment to your calendar.
  • Your appointment will now appear in your calendar at the date/time you chose.
    • You may click into the appointment to edit or delete it anytime.

Adding Blocked Time to Your Calendars

  • Choose the user calendar (only user calendars can block time off)
  • Click into the date/time you wish to start blocking off time. This could be for vacation/PTO, an offsite meeting, or any other reason you want to hold time in your calendar.
  • In the popup window, choose “Add Blocked Off time”.
  • Fill out the details including timezone, days/times you wish to block off, and a title and description.
  • Click “Save Event” to confirm and add this time to your calendar.

Now you should have a general understanding of how to manage and utilize the Calendar section of Incorp Media LLC. There are several customizations and features you can set up to make sure this works best for your specific use case. You can navigate back to your Calendar Settings directly from the calendars page, using this icon:

Or you can navigate to Settings > Calendars to make any changes. You can always make adjustments along the way if you need to. Either way, you can customize and enhance your calendar settings as you need to so this part of Incorp Media LLC works best for you and your business!

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