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How to Create and Use a Coupon/Promo Code – Two Step Form

Using Coupon/Promo codes with your audience can generate more sales and allow you to offer specific products and deals to specific leads or customers. This article quickly explains how to use a Promo code within the 2 Step Order Form in the Funnel Builder.

NOTEThis article assumes that you have already created a funnel, associated product(s) and have a 2 Step Order Form in the funnel. If you haven’t done these items, we highly recommend that you check out the other videos in the Funnel Builder section first. Additionally, the Coupon Feature does not support subscription products, only one time products. However, Promo Codes will work for recurring purchases.

Part 1: Coupons

Step One: Create a Coupon Code

  • Navigate to the Payments Page, and select “Coupon”
  • From here, fill out the necessary fields
  • Choose between Fixed Coupon and Percentage Coupon
  • Set the time range this Coupon is Active.

Step Two: Add to the Checkout

Note: 100% Off Coupon 

  • Your customer can redeem a coupon code to get a 100% off on the cart value.
  • They will still need to enter their card details in case it is required for upsells in the next steps
  • Only Stripe can be used to give 100% off on order amounts, this will not work with Paypal. In case both Stripe and Paypal exist, the Paypal option will not show up.
  • “Card details will be used for verification purposes” will show beside the card element during the $0 checkout

Part 2: Promo Code

Step 1: You will need to have two products added to your funnel. The first product will be the full price product and the second one will be the discounted product. The second product will be hidden initially and will be revealed as the discount option when the code is entered. This will also hide the full price product. 

NOTEThis will only work with one full price product and one discount product. The code is for Two Step Order Form products only. It is not for Bump or Upsell products. 

Step 2: Custom Code for Promo Code

  • Edit the Funnel Step where the 2 Step Order form resides
  • In Settings, click on Tracking Code
  • Select Footer Code
  • Paste in Copied Code (from the bottom of this article)

Step 3: Customize Your Coupon Code

  • Before saving, scroll up to the top of the code
  • Type in the Coupon Code you wish to use. You should type over the examples ‘TESTCODE’, ‘DISCOUNT’, ‘PROMO’

NOTE: If you want to use more than one coupon code, you can enter multiple separated by commas. This is the default setting in the code you copied in. 

  • Click Yes, Save

Step 4: Test Your Code

  • Preview your page.
  • Enter in details for the first step.
  • Enter in your promo code for second step and watch your discount product offer appear!

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