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Customizing the From Email Address in Workflows

In this article, you will learn how to use a custom email in your from email address field, on a workflow. 

This will allow you to mask the email address and use another one as the sender’s email. There are two options on how to do this from the workflows.

Option 1: Masking your from email address on Workflows Settings 

  • Click on Automations – Workflows – Create Workflows
  • Start from Scratch and click on Create New Workflow
  • Click Settings – Configure “Sender Details” with a custom value or type in the boxes

Option 2: Masking your from email address on the from email address field to the Send Email action

  • Click on the “+ button”. Select the “Send Email” option
  • Enter the From Name and From Email  

Note: If your leads are not assigned to a user, we will use the email you have under your Business Profile, and Business Email field as the sender’s email when these settings and fields are empty.

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