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How to Filter A Trigger By Product Type

When creating triggers, you may want to filter by the particular product sold, to fire off specific actions that relate to that specific product only. For example, you may want the sale of that specific product to apply a specific contact tag, add the contact to a specific campaign, send a specific one-time email, and more. Here’s how you can create triggers and filter by a specific product.

Step 1: Navigate to Triggers > + Add Trigger. Name the Trigger and click Save to open the trigger builder.

Step 2: Set up Part 1 “What should trigger this rule?” using the Two Step Order Form. Then, define the funnel, the submission type, the funnel page, and choose the specific product this trigger will apply for.

Step 3: Set up Part 2 “What actions should we perform?” as you wish. You can apply a contact tag, add the contact to a campaign, send an email or SMS, and more.

Step 4: Click the “Draft” dropdown and change to “Active” to activate the campaign in the top right.

The trigger will now run for the selected product exclusively.

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