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Workflow Action: Manual SMS

The Manual SMS Action within a Workflow creates a manual task for the user to send a custom SMS to the associated lead. This allows the user to send and respond to the lead at the time that best works for them.

Part 1: Navigate to an Existing Workflow or Create a new one

Step 1: Click “+” and choose “Manual SMS”

Step 2: Edit the Action as Desired

Part 2: To ensure that the proper user receives the Manual SMS task, you would assign a user.

This can be done through the use of the Assign to user action.

Step 1: Add the Assign to user action at the beginning of the Workflow.

Part 3: Test the Workflow and the Manual SMS event

Use a sample/test contact (check out our “test” tutorials on how to create a test contact for yourself in the help library.)

Step 1: Add your test contact to the Workflow.

Step 2:  To check your “Manual SMS”, go to Conversations > Manual Actions and ensure you see the Manual SMS task that the Workflow created.

Step 3: Then hit “Let’s Start”, type additional information into your message from the contact page you are redirected to if needed, and hit send.

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