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How to Add An Order Form to a Funnel or Website

In this article, you will learn how to add an order form to a funnel or a website

What you will need: 

  • An order form (it can be a one-step or a two-step order form. This is up to you and your needs)
  • A funnel with a funnel step or a website with a website page
  • Your payment gateway is integrated and your products created

Step 1: Editing your funnel or website page

  • Navigate to Sites > Funnels or Websites > Click on the one you want to add your order form to
  • Select “Edit Page” or “Edit in a New Tab” on the page you want to edit

Step 2: Adding the form

  • Select Add Section > Add Row > The number of columns you need
  • Select Add Element and on the right side menu, scroll to the Order Elements
  • Select either the one-step or two-step order form

Step 3: Customize your Form

When you click on the order form element, a menu will pop up on the left side. This section is where you can customize your form. These are the details that you can edit: 

  • General Settings:
    • Title
    • Text Alignment
    • Button style, size, and color
    • Button action
    • Typography type and corners
  • Advanced:
    • Headline
    • Subheadline
    • Company Name (There’s the option to hide this)
    • Full name
    • Email address
    • Phone Number (There’s the option to hide this)
    • Shipping (There’s the option to hide this)
    • Payment headline, price text, summary price text
    • Button text
    • Footer text
    • Turn on and off the Enable Cart Mode and Product Description
    • Enable or disable the order bump option
    • Enable or disable coupon codes
    • Turn on or off Sticky Contact
    • Turn on or off the New Contact on every purchase
    • Validate disposable email
    • Visibility

Step 4: Save your changes and you are all set. 

Please Note: Be sure to check out our articles for each specific gateway vendor for more details on vendors

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