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How To Use Text 2 Pay

The “text 2 pay” feature allows you to send a payment link directly to a contact for them to pay you for products or services. You can do this through an individual contact record or the Conversations tab. The available link will include an option for them to click directly there to make a payment to you. This is a great and convenient way to process payments. Follow the steps below to start using the “text 2 pay” feature.

Step 1: Ensure your Stripe,, or Network Merchants Inc. account is integrated.

  • Navigate to Payments > Integrations
  • Connect your payment gateway and choose a default.

Step 2: Create the invoice link.

  • Navigate to Conversations and choose a contact, or navigate to Contacts and click into contact record.
  • Within the messaging section, there will be a small icon that is a circle with a dollar sign.
  • A popup window will appear that looks like this:
  • You can add an item, with a name and cost.
  • Click “Add an item” to add additional items, or the X icon to delete any you wish to remove.
  • You’ll see the total added up under the list of items.
  • The invoice number will be automatically generated.
  • Next, choose a link expiration date.
    • NOTE: The link will expire at midnight.
  • Click Save to confirm your changes.

Step 3: Send the SMS message.

  • The link will now be created in the SMS draft.
  • Add any additional text you wish to include.
  • Send your message.
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