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How To Use The Payments Tab

Within the Payments section of your system, you can create and send invoices, manage orders and transactions, add products, set up taxes, and integrate both Paypal and Stripe as merchant processors. Using these payment features will allow you to charge for products and services, to manage your business. You can save time and work more efficiently by collecting all payment-related aspects of your business in one convenient location.

For example, you can create and manage a product directly from this section, and it can be added to Funnels or used within Workflows. The products can also be added to an invoice. Within this section you can also view a list of all your orders and transactions, to help you track payments to your business.

Here’s a brief overview of each tab you may see within your Payments section:

Invoices: prepare and send out customized invoices for payment

Orders: This tab provides a searchable, sortable list of all orders for your products and services, which can be exported via Excel.

Transactions: this tab provides a searchable, sortable list of all transactions in your system, which can be exported via Excel.

Products: create products for the services/products you offer. You can then add them to funnel pages, invoices, and more.

Tax Settings: set a tax percentage to ensure you’re collecting proper taxes for your business

Subscriptions: Keep track of customer subscriptions created via order forms

Integrations: connect Paypal,, NMI (Network Merchants Inc.), and/or Stripe, which are merchant processing platforms that allow you to capture secure payments.

How to Add a Product

Step 1: Accessing the Payments Section

  • Navigate to Payments
  • Here you may see several tabs: Invoices, Orders, Transactions, Products, Tax Settings, Integrations
  • Click on the tab you wish to use.
  • Click into another tab anytime.

Step 2: Integrating Paypal or Stripe

  • Navigate to Payments > Integrations
  • To integrate a Paypal account, add your Client ID and Secret ID from your Paypal account. Check out our “How to Integrate and Use Paypal” tutorial for step-by-step instructions on creating your Paypal account and setting up the Client ID and Secret ID.
  • To integrate NMI, add your Gateway ID, Security Key, and Public Key for the account type you wish to use. Please see our article “Network Merchants Inc. Integration” For more information.
  • To integrate add your Login ID, Transaction Key, and Signature Key. For more information, check out our article “ Integration”
  • To integrate a Stripe account, click “Connect with Stripe”.
  • Log in to your Stripe account.
  • Accept any permissions requested for LeadConnector.
  • Click Save to confirm the integration.

Step 3: Creating Products

  • Navigate to Payments > Products
  • Click + Add Product
  • Create a product and fill out all the requested information such as name, description, price, currency, and billing frequency.
  • Click Create this Product to add the product to your system.

Check out our other articles on specific features within the Payments section.

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