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Split Testing in Email Campaigns

A/B Testing In Email Campaigns allows you to test up to 6 different versions of an email!

To use A/B testing for Email Campaigns:

  • Go to Marketing > Emails > Email Campaign
  • Create a new email campaign and click the A/B Testing tab and enable the toggle
  • Choose whether you’d like to split-test the Email subject line or the Email content
  • 2. Set the A/B Test Duration time (after this amount of time, the winning version will be sent to the rest of the contacts)
  • Set the number of variations you want to test
  • Set the Test Size Distribution to decide what percentage of contacts will receive different variations. You can also leave the slider at 50%.
  • Set the subject variations using AI or manually
  • Note – A minimum of 10 contacts are needed for each variation (creating 4 emails to split the test would require 40 contacts, 10 for each test).
  • Choose whether the Winning Criteria will be Unique Open Rate or Unique Click Rate
  • Set the Delivery method (Send Now or Schedule the Campaign) Note – A/B test campaigns will currently not work for batch schedule or RSS schedule.
  • Once the email campaigns are sent out, you can check the enhanced statistics and reports of variations and overall email campaigns.
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