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How to Use Forms, Surveys, and Calendars in Funnels

This tutorial will cover how to use forms, surveys, and calendars within the funnel builder. This allows you to capitalize on the booking feature of the funnel builder, which can help you enhance your business.

Step 1: Create a Form, Survey, or Calendar to add into your funnel

  • Within the Form/Survey builder, create the form or survey you wish to use. Or, you can navigate to Settings > Calendars to create a calendar. (We have separate tutorials that cover the form and survey builders, as well as calendars, so check those out or step-by-step guides!) 
  • Once you’ve created a form, survey, or calendar that you wish to use, you’ll be able to add it in the Funnel Builder as an “Element” of the funnel page.

Step 2: Adding the Elements into your Funnel

  • Using the drag-n-drop features in the funnel builder, add the desired element(s) such as images, text boxes, a calendar, and/or a form. 
  • Navigate to the left “Settings” menu in the Funnel Builder. Here you’ll see a “General” and “Advanced” tab, for any customizable features within the specific element that’s highlighted.
    • NOTEThere is a CSS section where you can add additional code for further customization, but all the default available customizations can be found under the 2 Settings tabs.
  • For Forms, you’ll see general spacing options, the form selector where you can choose which Form (if you have multiple in Incorp Media LLC) appears, redirect action, and more.
  • NOTE: The redirect action is especially important as it tells Incorp Media LLC where to direct someone after the form is submitted. If you don’t have a redirect action, it will appear as if the funnel is broken when somebody submits a form because it doesn’t know what to do after somebody actually clicks on your button. One of the most common redirect options is to a website URL. (For example, if someone fills out an order or inquiry form, you may want to redirect them to a funnel page to learn more about your business, etc.)
  • Additional Note: When adding an order form element, in settings> Advanced> the country picker toggle is not to remove the “Select Country” field from the order form. It will only hide the automatic country flag being populated next to the phone number
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