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Affiliate Manager: Media

We are thrilled to go over a game-changing feature in our Affiliate Manager called ‘Media.’ This release empowers affiliate managers and affiliates alike with a seamless content-sharing experience. By uploading marketing media, such as images, videos, banners, and documents, affiliates can easily access and promote your products or services, boosting brand visibility and sales potential.

How will this feature help you?

Empowering Affiliate Managers:

  • With the new Media screen, our affiliate managers gain the power to upload a variety of media resources. From eye-catching images to engaging videos, managers can now provide affiliates with the latest marketing materials directly through the Client Portal.

Centralized Media Repository:

  • We understand the importance of organization, so we’ve created a centralized repository within the Template Library. All uploaded media files are securely stored here, making it easy for both managers and affiliates to access and manage their promotional content. Admins can even categorize their media files in folders for greater efficiency.

Effortless Content Sharing:

  • Gone are the days of searching for marketing materials. With this release, affiliates can access a diverse array of promotional resources instantly. This streamlines content sharing and allows affiliates to focus on what they do best – promoting your products or services effectively.

How can you take advantage of this feature?

  • Navigate to Marketing > Affiliate Manager > Media and click on + Add File
  • This will direct you to the template library to either choose the existing files/folders or upload new media.
  • Once the selection is made, the chosen files and folders will reflect on the Media screen and also on the Client Portal screen. The Client portal can be found at Sites > Client Portal where you can grab the link to the portal and set up a custom domain for it. (Please view our articles on the Client Portal for more information.)

This feature opens up a world of opportunities for you to engage with your affiliates. Supplied with the option to have quick access to various media resources, you can create captivating campaigns and ensure your affiliates are well-equipped to promote your brand. To top it off, you can also customize your Client Portal with a custom domain for a seamless brand experience.

We can’t wait to see how this new feature transforms your affiliate marketing efforts! So, dive into the Affiliate Manager, upload your media, and let’s take your brand to new heights together. Happy promoting!

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