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Workflow Action: Call

The Call Action in workflows can be a useful tool in many applications. You can use this for connecting with clients and leads throughout your funnels and in other specific events. The Call Action works very well as well in combination with other Actions such as Voicemail

This article will show how to set up a Call Action in your workflows and explain the various customization options for this action.

Step 1: Start a new workflow or edit an existing one

Step 2: Set up applicable Workflow Trigger(s). We have multiple articles available to explain the setup of each of the Workflow Triggers. Feel free to review our articles for more information on setting these up.

Pro Tip: You can use any Workflow Trigger(s) to trigger the Call Action or you can leave this workflow without any triggers.

Step 3: Setting up the Call Action

  • Click on the “+” symbol below the trigger to add an action.
  • Under Actions, select Call in the External Communications section of the Actions Menu or use the search feature
  • Customize the Call Action parameters
    • Name the Action under Action Name or leave it as default (This will only appear within your workflow builder and doesn’t affect the workflow action itself)
  • The Call Whisper text box is there to choose an automated message that will be said on the phone to you before your call is connected to the applicable party. Type your chosen message in this box.
    • If you leave the box blank, the default message will play. This message is, “You have a new lead, John Smith. Press any button to connect”
  • You can use custom fields in this text box to customize each whisper message by clicking on the little tag image to the right of the text box. 
  • For example, you can have the message list the full name of a new lead that is calling you. This can add some relevant client information before connecting your call.
  • Set your Call Timeout (S) number. This is the number of seconds that the call will ring before routing to voicemail. 
  • Set your toggle preference for the Disable Voicemail Detection toggle switch.
  • Voicemail Detection is on by default. This detects whether someone answers the call or if the call gets routed to voicemail, but it causes there to be some delay for some other actions/settings.
  • If you have this action followed by a prerecorded Voicemail Action, you would generally disable voicemail detection.
  • If you have “Stop On Response” turned on in your Workflow Settings, then Voicemail Detection will differentiate between an answered call and a voicemail, so that if the call is sent to voicemail the workflow is continued. In this case, if voicemail detection is disabled, then a call that is routed to voicemail will be considered to be a “response” and end the workflow.
  • For more in-depth information about Voicemail Actions and Workflow Settings, see related articles in our Helpdesk.
  • Press Save in the bottom right corner of the Action setup menu

Step 4: Press Save in the top right corner of your browser to save the workflow

  • If your Workflow is ready to be enabled, make sure the toggle switch under Save is set to Publish
  • Be sure to test your Workflow to ensure it is set up correctly using the Test Workflow button next to the Publish toggle switch.
    • For an in-depth overview of Workflow Testing see our article, “Using the Testing Features in Workflows”

Now your Workflow is set up and ready to go with the Call Action

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