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How to Create and Utilize the Group Hashtag Feature

This Article goes over how to create and utilize the Group Hashtag feature for ease in Social Media posting. This save you time, so that with each post you don’t need to add each individual hashtag every single time.

Step 1: Create a Hashtag

  • Go to the ‘Marketing’ tab’ >  ‘Social Planner’
  • Click on the ‘Create New Post’ button
  • Add hashtags ‘#’
  • Add a Name for the set of Hashtags and which Hashtags you want to include. (There is an option to add several hashtags when the post is created).
  • Once the hashtags are added, click on ‘Save and Apply’ to save the hashtag group. 

Now when you create a  new Social Media post, you can choose the saved hashtag grouping that the would like to apply to this post. 

NOTE: The maximum number allowed is 30 hashtags in each post. 

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