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Lead Ad Debugging for Facebook

If you are having issues with your FB Lead Form not bringing leads into the system or not fully functioning in the way you would expect, this article will walk you through how to use the FB Debugging Tool to ensure all pieces and parts are functioning correctly.

Part 1: What to do if you’ve integrated your Facebook account, and you go into your ‘FB Form Field Mapping’ settings and the list is blank

Step 1: Easy! Contact us and send us the URL in your browser

Part 2: Leads Aren’t Coming In, but everything is integrated.

Step 1: Go tothis link

Step 2: Click the hyperlink to use this tool in the first paragraph.

Step 3: In the tool, log into your Facebook account. Select your Facebook page and form.

Step 4: In a new browser tab, visit to ensure the app is connected to your Facebook.

Step 5: Back in the tool, click “Create Lead” and “Track Status”. There should be a “status” of success with a 200 code, signifying the test was successful.

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