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Settings: Business Profile

Your “Business Profile” is the section where you can input your specific business information. This includes things like your company name, address, phone number, website, company logo, and any other information about your business.

Part 1: Accessing and Updating General Settings

  • Navigate to Settings > Business Profile> General Information
  • Fill out the relevant information
  • Click “Update Information” once complete

Part 2: Business Physical Address

  • Fill out your business address, timezone, and language here.

Note: Timezone is extremely important, as it determines the timezone for the system.

  • Select “Update” once complete

Part 3: Authorized Representative

  • This is where you will fill in information if you have a specifically authorized representative on the account

Part 4: Business Information

  • This is where you will fill in your general business information

Part 5: Call and Voicemail Settings

  • This is where you will set up your system voicemail for first-time callers unless further customized in the phone section and staff area

Part 6: General Settings

  • This section is where you will determine default system behavior, such as if duplicate contacts or opportunities are allowed or if the contacts’ email is verified before sending them an email.

Note: The default will typically be to have the majority of these settings off, which is recommended.

Part 7: Contact Deduplication Preferences and Deprecated Features

Here you can adjust the way that contacts are de-duplicated or enable duplicates. You are also able to enable or disable deprecated features from the past that have been upgraded to newer features.

Part 8: Missed Call Text Back

  • Here you can enable or disable missed call text back, as well as customize the text message sent when that occurs
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